Microsoft may be working on its own bias-identifying tool

Microsoft may be working on its own bias-identifying tool
After announcing its own tool to detect bias in the algorithm at the beginning of this month, a new report suggests that Microsoft will automate the identification of bias in a series of various Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms Is also making a tool for

MIT Technology Review said on Friday that Microsoft has the ability to help businesses use AI without discriminating against some groups of people inadvertently.

Although Microsoft's new tool can not eliminate the problem of bias that can crawl completely in machine-learning models, this will provide more examples of inappropriateness to AI researchers, Rich Caruna, a senior Microsoft researcher who has a bias-identifying dashboard Were working on, were quoted as saying.

"Of course, we can not expect perfection - always some biases are not being known or it can not be eliminated - we have to aim and we can do the same."

The issue of bias will be important because most customers use these algorithms to make important decisions.

In its annual developer conference on May 2, Facebook announced its own bias-equipment called Fairness Flow, because the social network has found that the number of people using AI to make significant decisions in the company is increasing.