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Momo Challenge-West Bengal government taking steps to combat[Momo Challenge]:Official -newsalltripura

Momo Challenge-West Bengal government taking steps to         combat[Momo Challenge]:Official newsalltripura: 

Momo Challenge-Kolkata: After receiving invitations to join the online killer game 'Momo Challenge' angry with recent reports of two people who have committed suicide in North West Bengal, state administration has taken cautious steps to deal with the menace.


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Momo Challenge-West Bengal government taking steps to combatMomo ChallengeOfficial 


Momo Challenge]:Official newsalltripura?

An official told PTI that in addition to sending instructions to the police stations in the districts, the administration has asked the educational institutions to keep a tab on the behavioral pattern of the students.

This (Momo Challenge) is growing daily, after the Blue Whale Challenge, we are now facing this killer Momo Game Challenge.The links to this 'game' are mostly circulating through Whatsapp. On this case, he has warned to keep a tab, "he said.
Assassin 'game' has a horror image of a distorted face and eyes girl called "Mother Bird by Link Factory".

It is alleged that Momo Challenge has claimed life of two people in Kurseong and Manish Sarkar (18) on August 20 and Aditya Goel (26) on the next day in Darjeeling district.
  • The police suspect that they were both in the online assassin game, which gave them an opportunity to take the final step.
  • The official said, "It is a growing threat and we are getting a growing number of people, most of the youth are reporting, to play on 'Whatsapp', an inviting number is invited to their whitspeed.
  • Preliminary investigations have shown that people who have shown a slightest sign of depression or have targeted the desire to commit suicide, they said.
  • On August 21, Kabita Roy, resident of Jalpaiguri, got an invitation to play "Death Game", after which he filed a police complaint, the officer said that in connection with the complaint, the student of a college in the district was detained.
  • In the state capital, another woman, mother of an IT professional and an eight-year-old boy also received the same invitation, after which she contacted the Kolkata Police Cyber ​​Cell.

Momo Challenge-West Bengal government taking steps to         combat[Momo Challenge]:Official newsalltripura:

Rajshri Upadhyay said, "I have not been able to answer the invitation as one of my friends. On Thursday night, I got an invitation to my Whatsapp, I knew about 'sports' and because my child was afraid , "Said Rajshri Upadhyay.
The official said till today, most of the complaints were from Jalpaiguri, Kurseong, Westmin Medinipur districts, and last week a notice was received from Kolkata.
He said, "We have sought cyber experts on the way to deal with the threat. A list of Dos and Don has been listed and has been sent for distribution to all the districts to create awareness amongst the people.
Momo Challenge-West Bengal government taking steps to combat Momo Challenge?
  1. Sandeep Sengupta, Managing Director of Indian School of Ethical Hacking, said, "Administrators who are running the social media numbers of the game's halls and blackmail them through other social networking sites.
  1. They put a tab on the position posted on social networking sites and choose those who are showing suicidal tendencies to send invitations to play the game.
  1. Sengupta advised people not accept any invitation to play "play" with any unknown number and not click on any unknown link.
  1. A continuous change of password is required for email accounts and other social networking sites.
  1. People should be very careful about their posts on those sites and once they have received an invite from any particular number on their WhatsAppSite, they have to block it directly.
  1. The official said that once an invitation to play a killer game, people should immediately inform the local police station.
  1. In northern districts as well as in other parts of the state, parents are afraid about 'Momo Challenge', we want them to be alert and what their wards are doing while going online through their mobile phones, Keep an eye on this. He said that any kind of sports should be stopped from playing, which is likely to lead them to the 'Momo Game Challenge'.
  1. The official said that special requests have been sent to the educational institutions in all the districts to monitor the students.

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Badshah New Song on his debut album ONE: I've lived with the album for so long, I started to believe it is alive

 Badshah New Song on his debut album ONE: I've lived with the album for so long, I started to believe it is alive:

After giving several Bollywood chartbuster, rapper Badsha has made O.N.E. Has come out with their first album called. (The original never ends). This is the first track called "Heartless" which was released two days ago, which has crossed seven million views on YouTube.

NEWSALLTRIPURA, Heartless, Badsha, Badshah New Song, Bollywood, Heartless  Badshah, Badshah Heartless,

Badshah New Song on his debut album ONE:In a special dialogue with NEWSALLTRIPURA, Bollywood's leading rapper unearthed the story behind "Heartless" and finally why he spent so many years to cut the album.
I'm just lazy and I could not concentrate enough to complete an album. It takes a lot of discipline, time and patience because it's a long process but I'm very happy that it's finally over. I think I've been with the album for so long, I have started to believe that it is alive. Now that the album is over, it's a very emotional for me Shn, "he said while clear about Oani.

Badshah New Song on his debut album ONE: I've lived with the album for so long?

Badshah New Song:The King's first album, O.E.E. There is a collection of 17 songs for different moods. In each track, he collaborated with prominent singers like Ash Gill and Sunidhi Chauhan. Gauravas "is sung, written and written by Buddha, and Aastha has given him company, which is also the special voice presence of actor Parineeti Chopra, Badsha is also included in his video with child artist Ash Miki. The video has been directed by Gurud ji Mann, son of Gurdas Mann.
  • The video shows how to meet their last wish, Badasha comes to meet his young dying fan. At the end of receiving a backlash on social media, he gets it secretly. The song tells a story and Badsha has also shown her acting power.
  • "When I made this song, it was about shame and love. In 2005, when I was in college and I was struggling, I wrote it back. This was a song about a long distance relationship, how the girl He was eager to spend time with his lover and how his boyfriend was turning his way into the industry, becoming a rapper and trying to make an album.
  • Then Guurek Mann gave me a concept that song I was very different about it, I became very emotional, it is all his eyesight, of course the script was to be there because it is a story, he made things very easy for me, he made me very comfortable, maybe this is the reason The results are very good, "recalling the concept of the video, the King shared.

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Independence Day:PM Modi announces launch of world’s largest healthcare insurance on Ayushman Bharat

Independence Day:PM Modi announces launch of world’s largest healthcare insurance on Ayushman Bharat:


Independence Day Speech: With the aim of providing poor access to the country for quality and affordable healthcare, the government announced the launch of Ayushman Bharat (now Arya Campaign) on 25th September, which included 500 million people. Under this scheme, about 100 million families will get health cover of Rs 5 lakh every year, and for this pilot test will be started today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the address of his last Independence Day from the coast of Red Fort before the next. Lok Sabha elections Modi said that health and insurance is the biggest mission of the government for all Indians.

  1. Since this is a technology-driven plan, technology testing will take the next 6-7 weeks. With the launch of this scheme across the country, new hospitals will be constructed in Tier II and 3 cities. Modi will also open the way for employment.
  2. So far, 28 Indian states have come on board to launch this scheme. The world's largest healthcare cover scheme, which covers 100 million families, provides 5 lakh cover each year. The plan has become popular as late, 'Moderike'.

Independence Day, PM Modi, Ayushman Bharat, insurance, healthcare, Independence Day, Ayushman Bharat,

Independence DayPM Modi announces launch of world’s largest healthcare insurance on Ayushman Bharat?
  • A few days ago, talking to newsalltripura, Indus Bhushan CEO Indu Bhushan had said that six states of the country have selected the 'trust-based' model of providing health facilities to the beneficiary.
  •  Under such a model, the trust or government distributes medical claims made by the beneficiary itself. He also informed that 28 state boards have come, while other 8 states, like Kerala, have so far approved the implementation of this scheme.

  • This budget was in 2018 that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced the AYUSH India-National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS).

  • Indu Bhushan also told newsalltripura that the three-level information technology (IT) spinal cord is ready for the implementation of the program.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Independence Day 2018 | August 15 -These on trains will be rescheduled

 Independence Day 2018 | August 15 -These on trains will be rescheduled : 

Due to Independence Day celebrations in Northern Railway, some train services will be affected on August 15, Northern Railway has said. A notice shared on the Northern Railway website has said that the Rail movement between Delhi JN and Delhi Shahdara station will be temporarily suspended for one hour and fifty hours from August 15 to 8.30 on August 15.

Independence Day 2018, Independence Day, 2018, Independence, Day, 2018, August, August 15, trains, Railway,
Independence Day 2018 | August 15 -These on trains will be rescheduled 

Independence Day 2018 | August 15 -These on trains will be rescheduled ? 

       Independence Day 2018 | August 15:A list of train rescheduling, cancellation, regulation      and turn routes was listed on the site. Here's the list:

  • Independence Day - Trains Canceled
Train number: Ghaziabad to Delhi EMU and train number 64437 64402 from Delhi JN to Ghaziabad EMU will be canceled.
Turn of trains
Delhi JN to Alipurduar Sikkim Mahanand Express will be replaced by train number 15484 to run through New Delhi-Tilak bridge.
The train number will be removed from Delhi JN to Kotdwara Garhwal Express train to run 14044 via New Delhi-Tilak bridge.
From train number Kalka to Howrah Mail, 12312 will be removed for running through New Delhi-Tilak bridge.
Train number Suneepat-Delhi JN-Sahibabad EMU train will be converted to run 64004 through Subji Mandi - New Delhi-Tilak Bridge - Sahibabad.

  • Trains will be regulated
14207 Pratapgarh - Delhi Padmavat Express train will be regulated in Delhi Shahdara.
12225 Azamgarh - Delhi JN The Kaifiyat Express train will be regulated in Sahibabad.
14042 Dehradun - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Mussoorie Experencerain will be regulated in Sahibabad.
If required, 64111 Khurja-Shakarbasti EMU train will be regulated in Sahibabad.
If required, 64567 Bulandshahr-Tilak Bridge EMU train will be regulated in Ghaziabad.
If needed, the 64558 Saharanpur-Delhi MEMU train will be regulated in Ghaziabad.
74022 Shamli-Delhi JN If necessary, DEEMU train will be regulated in Koli.
15 9 10 Lal Gadh-Dibrugarh Aadhad Assam Express train will be regulated in Delhi JN.
  • Redistribution of trains / short termination / origins
54058 Shamli - Delhi JN passenger train will depart from Shamli at 3.15 am instead of 4.30 pm.
The 51 914 Saharanpur-Delhi passenger train will be reduced in Delhi Shahdara.
74021 Delhi-Saharanpur DMU train will be scheduled to depart from Delhi JN at 7.35 PM, which will be rescheduled for departure at 9.00 PM and short term in Shamli will be terminated and partial will be canceled between Shamli-Saharanpur. .
74024 Saharanpur - Delhi JN. DMU train will be less than Shamli and will be partially canceled between Saharanpur-Shamli.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tiger Shroff- Fascinating [extends support to mentally disabled with Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na ] read details -Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

 Tiger Shroff- Fascinating extends support to mentally disabled with Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na - read details Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow:

Actor Tiger Shroff, who has extended his support for mental health and inability, with a busted pop track called "Brain Locks Todd No" by a band called 6-Pack Band 2.0 and Brooke Bond Red Label Tea. He insists on keeping endurance, accepting differences and making this world a more inclusive place.
Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na, Tiger Shroff, extends, Fascinating, 6-Pack, Tiger Shroff- Fascinating extends support to mentally disabled with Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na - read details Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow
Tiger Shroff- Fascinating extends support to mentally disabled with Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na - read details Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Tiger Shroff- Fascinating extends support to mentally disabled with Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na?

Tiger Shroff:This song contains Tiger and singer Mika Singh, who urges people to open their minds against bias, prejudice and accept the people despite their differences. On the other hand, 6-pack band 2.0 also shows the world that if the right kind of love and support is given then no disability can keep you back.

  1. Children are our future and knowing and performing with the 6-pack band was very inspiring. I love that every one of them comes with a smile. I think we all can learn how to be Tiger one In the statement, "Understand and accept all our differences and make this world an integral place.
  2. Tiger says that he is grateful that "for this it definitely has been taught to give me life a little more significance!" .
  3. Video video featuring Tiger has been inspired by the real life event, which includes a different person who feared the experience that people with certain needs and their parents are in some stage.
  4. Hindustan Unilever said, "We are pleased about the launch of the next song of Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band 2.0, which is another call for another inclusive world." Shiv Krishnamurthy General Manager, Brooke Bond Red Label, Hindustan Unilever said.

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Engineering JEE Main score will NTA use for common rank list 2018 ?

 Engineering JEE Main score will NTA use for common rank list 2018:

Engineering JEE Main score will NTA use for common rank list?Which JTE main score will use NTA for the general rank list? - With the announcement of two examinations annually with national competing agencies and other competing candidates by the National Entrance Examination, there are some doubts in the minds of the students, which will be used by the NTA. For general merit list rankings. Since 2019, NTA will host twice in the exam - once in January and once in April.

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इंजीनियरिंग जेईई मुख्य स्कोर एनटीए सामान्य रैंक सूची 2018 के लिए उपयोग करेगा?

Candidates can try a test or both. So if you have tried those students who have tried twice - both January and April 2019 then you will learn to read the article below which will be used by JTE Main Score NTA to determine the ranking list.
The main information about the new NETA jayee chief

JSE will be held by the National Institute of National Examinations, which was put together to conduct higher education entrance exams in November, 2016.

JEE Main 2019 will be a computer based test and will be held twice a year

The first test will be from January 6 to 20, 2019 and the second test will be from April 7 to 2011.

From the last week of August 2014, JEE

Every Saturday and Sunday will open about 3000 plus centers in the free mock test.

A unique paper will be allocated from a large database created by each student specialist.

The results of the first test will be announced in the first week of February and the results of the second test will be announced in the first week of May.

Sunday list will be prepared for Jossa Counciling in May.

J.E.E. Main Ranking Method

Open the entrance now

Open Btech Admissions 2018 @ SAGE University

Engineering JEE Main score will NTA use for common rank list 2018 ?

Apply to the Global B Tech Program @ Manipal Dubai .00 + In the last 1 year the employer

Engineering JEE Main score will NTA:National Examination Agency Jaa-MEN was announced to announce the rank list after the results of April 2019. Because many candidates will appear for both examinations - JEE Main January and April In this case, two scores will be considered better and the ranks will be ready. So how to use the scooter by NTA to create a list of common money in Jetie Money? Details are given below.

J.E.E. Man on January 1, or JEE The number of related January or April exams will be used

JEE Main January 2019 and JEE Main April 2019 both were present? Two scores will be used well. So this means that if JEE The main April score is January or later but it will be used. Low scores will be ignored.

J.E. E. How is the value calculated in 2019?

Jiei chief score = number of correct answers x 4 - number of wrong answers x 1

Rank list preparation for JEE Main 2019
The above mentioned JEE The rank will be prepared based on the score of candidates 2019. However, there may be instances where more than two candidates can get the same number. In this case, the Intermediate-Eligibility Guide will be applied to rank.

High quality candidates received in mathematics will be given a good rank.

If the tile continues, candidates will be awarded the best position in the field of physics with a higher mark.

If the tie is still fixed, it will be resolved considering the ratio of positive signs and negative signs. Candidates will be given the best position with high specifications of the ratio.

If the case is not resolved yet, candidates will be given the same terms.

The main points of the main rank of the JEEE main are the points

J.E.E. The candidates of general rank include candidates in accordance with their performance but include candidates according to their program through the General Generation-PWD, OBC-NCL, OBC-NCL-PWD, SC, SC-PWD, ST-T or ST-PWD tag.

The number of divisions will be different from the list of JAI Men2019 General Rank, where the list will be compiled by the same class candidates, JEI

The allocation will be based on the CRL which is also known as the general rank list.

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Baahubali Mania Again SS Rajamouli To Unleash And Here Are The Details

   Baahubali Mania Again SS Rajamouli To Unleash And Here Are The Details:

In 2015, the Mayvar filmmaker S. S. Talking about Rajamuli city, Baubali: The Beijing is open to a shocking answer to the box office and redesigned the Telugu movie technique.

  1.   The impressive role is the image of Prosks, the film spread around a story of war for an ancient kingdom, and its wonderful presentation to thank the audience.
  2. About three years later, Bubblica hit 2 screens and became a blockbuster. Now, Bahawalli Mania is going to catch the nation again.
  3. An exciting development, Netflix has revealed that Baahubali works with a prequel and will be released soon. 

   Baahubali Mania Again SS Rajamouli To Unleash And Here Are The Details?

The title Baabubali: Beginning before, it is based on the joy of Neelakantan's book, Sivagami Rise and is going to feature nine episodes. The series will clearly look into the politics behind the rise of Mahmama.

One is probably likely to get a clear picture about Baahubali: before the day comes to come.

Baahubali:Interestingly, although Bahawalibi 2 has been more than a year since its release, there was still a madness among franchise filmmakers. Some time ago, come. come. Rajamuli said that due to the popularity of Bai Bauli, he got a warm reception in Japan.
  • Thanks to #Bahabali, we had the opportunity to visit many countries, but Japan has become our favorite. 
  • We will never forget the reception we have given them, and they will not forget the love shown in us and our movies. But if all you want is to register yourself in our directory, please fill out the form with your details And a link that will allow you to get more traffic to us. I feel really blessed .. # Prafas, do not want to open the gifts of Randu PuTati ... We will unite all together. 🙂 Many thanks to Japan, "(Sik) he said.

  • We sincerely hope that Baubali hits before it starts and fans give a reason to rejoice.